Install and configure the Litium Nosto Connector add-on

Read how to install the Litium Nosto Connector and update templates to work with it.


  1. Install the Litium.AddOns.Nosto addon from Litium NuGet feed in your MVC/Web project. 
  2. Copy the Litium.AddOns.Nosto.dll.config file from packages/ and paste in your wwwroot\Site folder.
  3. Build the solution and run any page of the site.
  4. Now when visiting site channel in Litium Backoffice Nosto Account field and Recommendations fields should have been created. Visit your Nosto Backoffice and copy the Account Id and Recommendations Ids to populate prefered fields on the channel.
  5. At last alter Litium.AddOns.Nosto.dll.config file with your solution variables if they differ from what already existing in the file.



  • "nostoPageType" is the type of the supported Nosto recommendations (Do Not Alter)
  • "recommendationsFieldId" is the Id of created field on Litium Channel (Do Not Alter)
  • "litiumPageType" is the type of Litium page (the values on the config file are current supported types of Litium pages)

Fields (Product & Variant)

  • "name" attribute is for system use on picking up the element and MUST be unique in order to be picked up otherwise only the first one will be picked by system
  • "nodeId" attribute vill be shown as class id/name for nosto field elements
  • "litiumId" attribute is the Id of the field in Litium which it will get value from

When chosing a multifield from Litium then the Nosto class name will be the Id of the Litium field and value vill be value from that field so "nostoId" will not get printed as class name on the those elements

If you need to override the values from system fields then you need to use Litium Decorator approach on INostoProductService read more on how to decorate a service..

Quick verification

On product/Category/Brand and Search pages click F12 and check the Nosto tags under div id="Globalnotification" / div class="nosto_product"

Nosto recommendations will appear on the end of main body of the page above Footer also inside div id="Globalnotification". Styliing of recommendations block should occure in Nosto backoffice. For more information on how to create recommendations refer to your Nosto accounts dashboard.

For quick verificaiton of whether the Nosto connector works, just add the text ?nostodebug=true into the url:


You can also expose your local environment to outside through using Ngrok tool.

This also can help in future testing.