Install and configure Litium Nosto Connector

How to install the Litium Nosto Connector and update templates to work with it.


  1. Download the add-on package.
  2. Copy the contents of the Source\Src\Litium.AddOns.Nosto.UI\Site folder in the installation package to your wwwroot\Site folder.
  3. Add the Source\Src\Litium.AddOns.Nosto\Litium.AddOns.Nosto.xproj project to the your solution.
  4. The WebSite must have pre-selected Assortment and AssortmentLanguage.
  5. Add the following Scheduled task to your web.config  <scheduledTask type="Litium.AddOns.Nosto.NostoScheduler, Litium.AddOns.Nosto" startTime="00:00" interval="1D"  parameters="ResendFailedProductsIntervalInMinutes=10, CountOfResendFailedProductsAttempt=1" />​.
    Read the notes below:


Notes for NostoScheduler settings

ResendFailedProductsIntervalInMinutes - Sets the interval in minutes when it tries to resend updated products to Nosto (in case some errors occur during the sending for the first time).

CountOfResendFailedProductsAttempt - Sets the number of attempts resending data to Nosto.


Update templates

  1. Add the following settings fields to "StartPage" and fill them in with the corresponding data from Nosto:
    1.  "NostoApiKey" (Text short). NostoApiKey - API key from Nosto
    2. "NostoEmbedScript" (Text middle). NostoEmbedScript - add the embed script with Nosto account ID. See information on
  2. EmbedScript.ascx must be added to the "Base.master" file.
    1. Registration at the top of the file:    <%@ Register TagPrefix="nosto" TagName="NostoEmbedScript" Src="~/Site/CMS/Templates/UserControls/Nosto/EmbedScript.ascx" %> 
    2. Inside the 'head' tag, example below with the Nosto tag in bold.
              <site:Head runat="server" />
              <asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="Head" runat="server" />
              <nosto:NostoEmbedScript runat="server" />
  3. Tagging.ascx must be added to the "Default.master".
    1. Registration at the top of the file <%@ Register TagPrefix="nosto" TagName="NostoTagging" Src="~/Site/CMS/Templates/UserControls/Nosto/Tagging.ascx" %>
    2. Tagging after <asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="Content" runat="server" /> tag​, example below with the Nosto tag in bold:
       <% } %>
           <asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="Content" runat="

           <nosto:NostoTagging runat="server" />
        if (LayoutView != Layout.Full)
      { %>
  4. ShoppingCartTags.ascx must be added to the "MiniCart.ascx" control (User Controls)
    1. Registration at the top of the file <%@ Register TagPrefix="nosto" TagName="ShoppingCartTags" Src="~/Site/CMS/Templates/UserControls/Nosto/ShoppingCartTags.ascx" %>
    2. Tag inside the cart, , example below with the Nosto tag in bold:
      <div class="cart-container">
          <%--Tag the shopping cart content--%>
          <nosto:ShoppingCartTags runat="server" />  

If more tagging is needed it is up to the customer and project team to decide what has to be implemented additionally. See more in Nosto's documentation


Quick verification

For quick verification of whether the Nosto connector works, just add the text ?nostodebug=true into the url:


This also can help in future testing.


If sending to Nosto failed

If sending information to Nosto fails, the file with products is stored in the "FailedProducts" folder.
Later the failed products will be resent in the background.