Setup custom implementation

The Litium Studio Integration Kit allows the integration process to run for custom import implementation. For custom implemented tasks there has to be a configured scheduled task as described below. 

Custom implementation tasks should be inherited from:
public abstract class FileImportBase<T> where T is specific item that should be imported.

Methods that are mandatory to implement

protected override IEnumerable<Item> Transform(FileInfo importFile)
This method is responsible for transforming data from file into the Item class collection. The Item class can be POCO object which is responsible for carrying data into the Import method. Note that the Transform method returns a collection of Item objects.

protected override void ProcessItem(Item item)
This method is used to implement the main logic of importing data from the Item object into the Litium Studio structure.

Methods that are optional to implement

protected override bool PrepareProcess(FileInfo importFile)
This method is used to implement preparation process logic such as read files, fetch  Litium Studio related data or entity.

protected virtual void PostProcess(FileInfo importFile)
This method is used for post-processing logic.

Processing workflow for integrations

Assuming the process described above the whole process of importing data into Litium Studio is as follows:

  1. Prepare file, reading from disk and etc. (PrepareProcess)
  2. Transform data from file into Item object (Transform)
  3. Process data, importing data into Litium Studio (ProcessItem)
  4. Final post-import procedures, deleting import file, move to another folder etc.
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