Product Media Mapper

Product Media Mapper 7.0.101

500 SEK/month

Do you need to attach images, videos, product sheets, instruction manuals and other files to your products in the Product Catalog?

The Product Media Mapper automatically connects images and files uploaded in Litium Studio Media Archive to articles or variant groups in Litium Studio Product Catalog. 

Pattern recognition functionality passes file names through a set of rules configured in an XML-schema to determine what articles/variant groups to connect to. Up to 5 sets of rules are included in the add-on and more may be configured.

A file may be connected to a variant and base product and directed to a specific, language handled, property or a group of properties.

All uploaded files connected to an article/variant group will be organized in an easy to use catalog structure that makes it easy to handle large amounts of files.

When updating a file in the Media Archive it automatically affects the products the file is connected to.

Requires the latest service release of the respective "compatible with version" which can be seen in the top righthand side of this page.

This add-on requrie that you contact Litium Support to get an updated license-file that allow usage of the Add-On.


Compatible with version

Litium 7
Litium 6
Litium 5