Developed by Briqpay

Enables Briqpay payment provider to be used in checkout.

Add-on for using Briqpay as payment provider in your e-commerce solution.

Developed for Litium Accelerator v7. Older versions might be supported, but it is not tested.


Read the system requirements for development environment before installing

Follow the steps below:

  1. If you already have Briqpay installed, back up
    the Briqpay.LitiumAddOns.BriqPay.dll.config file from wwwroot.

  2. Open Visual Studio and your solution.

  3. Open Package Manager Console on the Tools > NuGet Package
    Manager menu. If you have multiple projects in the solution, ensure that the web application project is selected as Default project in Package Manager Console.

  4. Install the nuget-packages with the following commands in Package

    Manager Console:
    Install-Package Briqpay.LitiumAddOns.BriqPay -PreRelease Install-Package Briqpay.LitiumAddOns.BriqPay.UI -PreRelease

  5. Update the Briqpay.LitiumAddOns.BriqPay.dll.config found in wwwroot and enter your configuration options.


Compatible with version

Litium 7