Add-on for using Adyen as payment provider in your e-commerce solution.

Requires Litium Studio 4.7.x or Litium Studio 4.8.x, or Litium 5.x (where x is the latest service release)


Read the system requirements for development environment before installing

Follow the steps below:

  1. If already exists back up Litium.AddOns.Adyen.dll.config file from wwwroot
  2. Open Visual Studio and your solution
  3. Open Package Manager Console that is found in Tools > NuGet Package Manager menu. If multiple projects exists in the solution ensure that the web application project is selected as Default project in Package Manager Console.
  4. Install nuget-packages with the command in Package Manager Console
    Install-Package Litium.AddOns.Adyen
    Install-Package Litium.AddOns.Adyen.UI
  5. Update the Litium.Studio.AddOns.Adyen.dll.config found in wwwroot and fill it with configuration options


The Adyen add-on is available through Litium nuget feed.

Requires the latest service release of the respective compatible with version (compatible with version can be seen in the top righthand side of this page).

Compatible with version

Litium 7
Litium 6
Litium 5