Litium Integration Kit

Litium Integration Kit for Litium 7.2

1500 SEK/month

Developed by Litium

Litium Studio Integration Kit is an add-on for integration towards all ERP and PIM systems. It also contains a project to run Litium as a Windows service. We recommend that you use this add-on for all Litium Studio integrations to cut project costs and risks and build a robust and reliable integration based on best practices.

Start by reading the Integration best practice section including installation instructions for Litium Integration Kit.


  • Best practices makes it easy to build robust services
  • Save time developing functionality and learning how to work with services.
  • Reduce integration costs and project risk
  • Precise cost estimations
  • Can be used with integration engines or direct integration towards any ERP or PIM system
  • Built on standard Microsoft technology
  • High performance
  • Flexible
  • Includes service samples to help you start developing rapidly – importing articles, article group, variant group, media, pricelists, stock balance etc.


  • Complete with sample projects including source code
  • Built-in functions for authentication and authorization
  • Security - all communication is encrypted through SSL
  • Reliable communication - resending unanswered calls ensures that no data is lost 
  • Get prices and stockbalance in real-time
  • Import large amounts of articles in batches
  • Off-the-shelf XML formats
  • Optimize transactions
  • Automatically create integration folder structures
  • Log and archive all imported files daily
  • Create, update and delete articles via integration
  • Automatical validation of imported files to manage errors
  • All imported files are queued and imported chronologically during ERP downtime for example

Compatible with version

Litium 7