inRiver Connector

inRiver Connector 7.2.100

2000 SEK/month

Developed by Litium

The entire structure is set up in inRiver and imported into Litium including field types, templates, relationships, and image mapping. The Connector itself only needs configuring.

Everything is set up according to our integration best practice. For example, prices and stock balances are always imported directly from the ERP.

Please note that the Litium inRiver connector automatically works with the on-premise version of inRiver. As of today, it does not work automatically with the cloud version of inRiver.

Business benefits

  • Meets companies’ advanced PIM needs
  • Streamlines product management processes
  • Reduces development time and risk
  • Built on best practices from industry leaders
  • It is a ”Licensed add-on” which means that new versions and product support are included


  • Creates Litium Product fields and field templates.
  • Creates Litium Base products, Variants, Assortments, Categories.
  • Creates Litium relationships.
  • Transfers InRiver Resource entities as Litium Media image files, and links them to products and categories.
  • Quasi-realtime updates: Allows updates to entities in a published InRiver channel to be visible in Litium in near real-time. 
  • Batch updates: Allow updates to be scheduled to be executed at a given time of the day.
  • Easy to configure
  • Full API documentation 

Litium Studio Connector exports enriched products from inRiver for publishing in Litium.

Integrating inRiver PIM directly with Litium streamlines the product management processes and optimizes product information timeliness.

Using the inRiver Connector decreases development time as well as reduces project risk. 

Compatible with version