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New demo license available for Litium Studio 4.5.1

Litium Studio is shipped with a time limited demo license for use during project development. The license in the Litium Studio 4.5.1 package has expired and there is now a new demo license and updated release packages available for download (you need to be logged in to access this page).

Once a project is finished, the demo license must always be replaced by a customer specific license. Otherwise, when the evaluation time has expired, the installation can no longer be used.

Cecilia Ekeberg
Added   2012-06-28

Partner webinar: All you need to know about Litium add-ons

When: Thursday, October 13th at 12.15-12.45 (Note: The webinar is in Swedish)

Get an overall grip on Litium add-ons! For half an hour Litium add-ons guru Erik Swan will share his knowledge about Litium add-ons - background, how to's and what's new.

This webinar is for anyone wanting a brief introduction to Litium's add-ons as well as Project managers and Account managers looking for tips and information on prices and how to sell add-ons to customers.

So sign up, sit back and enjoy!


Cecilia Ekeberg
Added   2012-06-28
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