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Save time developing with the Web Services Integration Kit - complete with sample projects

The Litium Studio Web Service Integration Kit (WSIK) is an add-on providing an interface to integrate Litium Studio with other systems. The kit is complete with sample projects including source code that can be used for developing your own services.

Litium Studio Web Service Integration Kit is a commercial add-on to Litium studio. It can be used with integration engines such as Microsoft Biztalk and iCore or with a direct integration through web services towards any kind of system, vendor independent.

  • Includes service samples to help you start developing rapidly – to Get article, pricelist, stock balance etc.
  • Best practices makes it easy to build robust Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services
  • The implementation does not need to be built inside Litium Studio which makes the service very extensible* Complete with sample projects including source code
  • Built-in functions for authentication and authorization
  • Security - all communication is encrypted through SSL
  • Reliable communication - resending unanswered calls ensures that no data is lost

Read more or buy the add-on (to buy the add-on you need to login)

Åsa Lundborg Ling
Added   2011-02-28

Introducing a boosted blog page type for Litium Studio 4.5

We are happy to introduce an upgraded blog page type add-on for Litium Studio 4.5. The new and improved Blog page type also includes some new functionality.


  • Better and simpler layout
  • New valid Rss feed
  • Enable images in blog posts
  • Categorise blog posts by date (for example per month)

Download the new Blog Page Type for Litium Studio 4.5 It's free!

Åsa Lundborg Ling
Added   2011-02-23
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