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Improvements for vouchers, extensibility and dashboard with Hotfix 1 for Litium Studio 4.6 (Recommended)

This hotfix is classified as recommended for e-commerce customers, since Fee and Delivery campaigns enabled vouchers to be used more than times limited. There was also an issue connected to the new panels, where the relations module would not work without a product catalog license. This in combination with some dashboard and other improvements are the contents of this hotfix.

Since the improvements in this hotfix affect all e-commerce customers, it is classified as "Recommended".

For more details, please read the release notes.

Download Litium Studio 4.6 Hotfix 1 (you need to be signed in to access the release page)

Cecilia Ekeberg
Added   2012-07-02

Litium Studio 4.6 - new campaign engine and personal dashboard for business analysis!


Litium Studio 4.6 contains lots of news including a brand new campaign engine, possibility to create successive product filters, product sets to build alternative navigation, a dashboard with widgets that can be used to monitor site sales, visitors, news and much, much more!

Performance improvements have been done to many areas of the product enhancing the experience for both web visitors and back office users. Litium Studio 4.6 gives you a faster web that is more fun to work with.

Read more - What’s new
in Litium Studio 4.6?



We are also proud to announce that Litium Studio 4.6 is the first Swedish e-commerce platform certified for Windows Server 2008 R2!
The "Certified for Windows Server 2008 R2" logo identifies applications that have been independently tested to meet the highest technical bar for stability, security, reliability, availability, Windows fundamentals, and platform compatibility.

For detailed information please read the release notes

Download Litium Studio 4.6

Cecilia Ekeberg
Added   2012-07-02
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