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Litium Studio 4.5.2 with full support for Internet Explorer 9

Litium Studio is a service release which focuses on improvements rather than new functionality. The main highlights are:

  • Litium Studio 4.5.2 back office now has full support for Internet Explorer 9
  • The brand new editor has an updated interface and functionality for adding Flash objects directly in the editor
  • Companies using Relations to manage large amounts of organizations will experience significant performance improvements

Upgrading to Litium Studio 4.5.2 from the latest version of Litium Studio is simple and quick using the upgrade program. It will not take longer than applying an ordinary hotfix.

For more details and additional improvements,
please read the release notes.

Download Litium Studio 4.5.2
(you need to be signed in to download)

Cecilia Ekeberg
Added   2012-07-02

Enhancement for multi-server environments with hotfix 15 for Litium Studio 4.5.1 (Optional)

In multi-server environments, a message notifies the user that information has not been saved, if the server containing the storage folder is down.

When adding custom permissions to a group it is now reflected on group members that have been denied permission before.

PayEx has withdrawn money even though payment status is “Reservation failed”. This has been corrected in this hotfix. 

Since the improvements in this hotfix only affect some customers, it is classified as "Optional".

For more details, please read the release notes.

Download Litium Studio 4.5.1 Hotfix 15 (you need to be signed in to access the release page)

Cecilia Ekeberg
Added   2012-07-02
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