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Wish List AddOn v 7.0.100 for Litium 7

Wish List AddOn v 7.0.100 for Litium 7 is released.

See documentation here >>.

Anusha Ganegoda
Added   2019-02-18

Klarna AddOn v 4.7.102

Klarna AddOn v 4.7.102 is released.

If you are running Klarna V2 (Litium.Studio.AddOns.Klarna assembly with old Klarna merchant accounts) following error can be relavent.

Fixed: Klarna V2;  if cart is updated when on slow internet connections, when user is updating their cart, user can click the "place order" (Slutför köp) button before Klarna order is updated by Litium. This is true even if the Klarna Jscript api has disabled the UI, as browser can be refreshed and "Place order" (Sluteför köp) button can be clicked. This issue is not present in Klarna KCO V3 as Klarna disallow the late update and notify Litium with an error message.

Anusha Ganegoda
Added   2019-02-17
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