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Releases: Litium 5.6.5 and Litium 6.2.2

Bug fix release of Litium 5.6.5 and Litium 6.2.2

Litium is distributed through NuGet. Read more on how to install the Litium NuGet-feed.

Patric Forsgard
Added   2018-11-07

Litium 7 released

Litium 7 is released and includes the following highlights:

  • Re-designed Websites area.
  • New API and UI for Websites.
  • New data modelling for Websites.
  • New Globalization area to configure sales scenarios for multiple digital channels and markets.
  • Improved support for headless solutions with the Globalization area.
  • A set of new tools for editors to craft the customer experience.
  • Blocks functionality including a new WYSIWYG editor.
  • Re-usable global content blocks for pages.
  • New page preview modes.
  • Two new field types: Pointer and Multi field.

Learn more about what's new or read the Docs.

Litium is distributed through NuGet. Read more on how to install the Litium NuGet-feed.

Ludvig Block
Added   2018-10-30
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