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Litium Headless API AddOn v 7.2.100

Litium Headless API AddOn v 7.2.100 is released. This has end points for sales return order management functionality released with Litium v7.2


Anusha Ganegoda
Added   2019-05-07

Litium 7.2 released

Litium 7.2 is released and includes the following highlights:

  • Read only field setting
  • Customization of order and delivery prefix
  • Improved inventory management in Products
  • Improved translation management
  • Better indication when moving a page in Websites
  • Return management API
  • Price and stock level filters in Products
  • Stability fixes and bug corrections

Learn more about what’s new and read the release notes.

Ludvig Block
Added   2019-05-03
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